For Patients

How can I be seen by the clinic?

A fax stating the reason for the referral is needed generally by your family doctor, internist, or nephrologist.

What is the waiting time from referral to being seen?

The time between referral to your clinic visit is generally 3-6 months depending on the urgency of the referral. For patients referred for risk assessment, the wait time is shorter between 4-6 weeks.

What information do I provide for the clinic visit?

Generally, we will need to a clinical note or summary about your polycystic kidney disease and its related complications and most updated laboratory results on your blood counts, biochemistry and kidney function test. Some form of imaging test (i.e. ultrasound or MRI) will also be needed to assess your cystic kidney disease. 

Where do I find the clinic?

Specific instructions including appointment time, arrangement for laboratory tests, and a map to locate our clinic will be sent to you once your referral has been accepted.